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等級4 2020-11-17
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Sunday days off are a bit rare for in my line of work. And when I get it, I try to make the most of it by having brunch. Thus, boyfriend and I decided to explore the San Po Kong area for any hidden eateries in the area. A friend decided to join us and so we spent a good amount of time figuring out what to eat as it seemed everyone had the same idea with lengthy queues every where. That was until we arrived at a blue building with an open door and only a menu placed outside.Coti the Bistro is located a walk away from Hollywood Plaza. The space inside was large and spacious. They seemed busy as people were just leaving so we didn't have to wait long for a table.Things I found interesting ... a mask holder. Useful if you don't have one.Menu is in English and Chinese. During the weekend they have a brunch menu that includes a soup or salad.They also have an all day menu that includes a soup or salad and a drink. You can add $24 to upgrade your drink to a signature coffee.I  had the Tiramisu Coffee ($48, but $24 with set upgrade). This was very interesting indeed as the top was a very stretchy marscapone cheese cream. It was topped with chocolate powder and the strong espresso was on the bottom layer.Boyfriend had the Sparkling Lemon Coffee ($42 but $24 with set upgrade). The coffee was served in a mini beaker which you pour over the sparkling lemon soda.It definitely was a fun drink. The combination worked, too. Making the lemon a refreshing element to the coffee.Boyfriend ordered from the All Day Menu and had the Borscht Soup. This was very strong in tomato taste and was more like a ministrone than borscht. I decided on the Apple Salad for my set. This was dressed in  sesame dressing. The greens were fresh and the apple very crunchy. The orange was sweet as well.When food arrived, we realized portions were large enough to share, so we did.Rigotoni with Prawns and Handmade Pesto Sauce ($72).  The pesto was fresh tasting. There were large fresh prawns found throughout. The pasta was perfectly cooked. We also found some very juicy mushrooms throughout as well.Fried Chicken and Maple Syrup with Pancakes ($82). This dish was great. Probably my favorite we ordered. The chicken was delicious. Crispy coating that was well seasoned and a tiny bit of spiciness while drizzled with the sweet syrup. The pancakes were small but fluffy and topped with crumbled pistachio. Not undercooked as well. And they even provided us with more syrup when we asked for it.Wild Caught Crab Meat Submarine ($91). This was cute! At first we expected crab meat on toast but that isn't wht it was at all. Instead you were given delicious sweet crab meat topped on these adorable mini avocados. I didn't even know they sold avocados this small!?! They included pancakes and a side of salad.Service  was fine and the place was comfortable. Food was well presented and tasted fine. Seemed a bit hidden but then we realized it was so close to Hollywood Plaza, it wasn't very far at all. Portions were generous and price not overly expensive. Would probably be back. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2020-10-27
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新蒲崗集中左好多工廠大廈,雖然區內都有唔少食店,不過好似Coti the Bistro哩類坐得舒服靚靚仔仔嘅cafe就好似冇乜,所以估唔到都幾多人幫趁。餐廳有兩個入口,其中一個係要穿過哩間小型超市,如果唔係睇倒門前寫住餐廳名塊牌,真係好易行過左。穿過超市入面哩個小門就係餐廳。店面裝潢以木色為主,加埋柔和燈光,感覺幾relax。佢地個brunch menu雖然選擇唔算多,不過價錢都好公道,由$32至$65不等,包一杯普通咖啡或茶,亦可以加$24轉其他特式咖啡。Coti Breakfast($65) - 哩份all day breakfast比好多cafe都要抵食,入面有齊牛角包、炒蛋、煙三文魚、煎雞扒、沙律同哈蜜瓜,非常足料。雞皮煎到少少脆口,雞扒肉質唔會太鞋。炒蛋都幾滑,食落仲濕源地有啲水份。Egg Royale Bagel with Pama Ham($52) - 班尼迪蛋非常流心,一拮穿蛋衣,蛋黃就流晒出黎,pama ham下面仲有牛油果蓉,令begal食落唔會太乾。Tiramisu Coffee(跟餐加$24) - 哩度最特別係有好多特式咖啡,我哩杯Tiramisu coffee就咁睇真係好似一件Tiramisu,面層係忌廉、鮮奶同朱古力粉,杯底係咖啡,唔好攪就咁飲兩啖就好似食緊Tiramisu咁,之後先攪勻佢黎飲,咖啡甘香之餘唔會太苦,都幾好飲。Honey Comb Coffee(跟餐加$24) - 木匙上係天然蜂巢,侍應教首先將蜂巢放入咖啡入面攪溶,最後將咖啡倒入鮮奶入面。哩杯蜂巢咖啡奶味比頭先嘅Tiramisu coffee重,最啱怕苦又想飲咖啡嘅朋友。總結,食物賣相同味道都唔錯,我最鍾意佢啲特式咖啡夠特別,而且價錢一啲都唔貴,冇得出國放假黎哩度食個brunch都唔錯。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2020-10-22
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平時食早餐都较为简单,今日与朋友来到新蒲崗彩虹路,見到這間西餐廳CotiTheBistro,裝修舒適優雅,里面正有人舒適地叹着早茶,所以也引起我的兴趣,入来食個西式早餐。Coti Breakfast$65坐下后,见到这个Coti Breakfast非常丰富,有 炒蛋、沙律、雞扒、煙三文魚、密瓜及酵母麵包$65,感覺抵食,所以与朋友都每人要了一个内非常吸引。最先想试的当然是鸡扒, 外表煎得好靚,啡金的顏色十分誘人,雞扒皮煎得很香,肉質嫩滑,好味!炒蛋很翻炒得很腍滑,炒蛋加上煙三文魚,与酵母麵包一齐食,有鸡蛋的软滑,煙三文魚的咸香,特别般配美味。沙律很新鮮,密瓜爽口又清甜,食完肉類觉得滞,食一些沙律及水果,清爽美味。加配 原個牛油果$32牛油果为健康果类,平时都有買,不過却是有时太熟变坏或是未熟透很硬, 而這個牛油果軟腍度刚好,且整個牛油果份量完整,食到淡淡的牛油味。 厚切煙肉$25 煙肉鹹香有煙燻味,不是很肥,適合現代愛健康人士食,配合酵母麵包食,特別美味。暖泡沫鮮奶$30泡沫奶茶口感輕盈,淡淡的奶味,飲落非常特別。抹茶鮮奶$42抹茶鮮奶滿滿的一杯,鲜奶面上的图案令人眼前一亮, 令人心動的綠色心形抹茶圖案, 口感輕盈加上抹茶的香 ,非常有特色!这个早餐非常丰富,还配有水果,相当健康及丰富的早餐。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2020-10-08
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最近公司附近開咗一間幾休閒嘅餐廳感覺就好似鬧市中一個綠洲因為我哋係喺工業村附近...周圍都係工業大廈...就算喺餐廳都係一般嘅碟頭飯餐廳點知比我發現咗呢一間新開嘅...感覺很新鮮我啱啱5:00左右去..剛剛好可以叫下午茶不過略嫌只得一款意粉太少其他都係以飽為主...就點左一個卡邦尼意粉環境都好清幽典雅可惜卡位就唔夠闊我哋呢啲肥人坐落去已經頂肚腩所以坐得唔係咁舒服不過呢個卡邦尼意粉都有少少驚喜因為有一隻蛋仲要係生生地一吉穿佢留落啲意粉度....味道一流而且份量都唔少意粉都尚算彈牙 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2020-10-06
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一早起身想食豐富早餐諗起新開呢間@coti hk 入到店內好有文青風格🌾全部用木做設計舒適環境同朋友坐喺度靜靜地嘆番杯咖啡☕️真係唔錯💓.❥ ❥ ❥煙三文魚忌廉芝士貝果🥯 $38平時食早餐會輕食嚟度一定會選貝果🥯煙三文魚入口軟滑魚油漫漫流出配襯忌廉芝士同火箭菜夾住貝果🥯好清新 份量啱啱.❥ ❥ ❥Coti 早餐 $65呢個豐富嘅招牌早餐,超級豐富嘅早餐裏香滑炒蛋灑上香草更加香口,麵包焗過外脆 旁邊有牛油🧈/無花果醬自由配搭鹹同甜另有三文魚魚油流出好Juicy仲要砌好花瓣好精緻,西式都會有蔬菜同車厘茄配日式沙律汁最後重點好甜好多汁哈密瓜.❥ ❥ ❥天然蜂巢咖啡 ☕️ $48呢個咖啡好特別用咗天然蜂蜜🍯代替糖而咖啡同牛奶係分開自由配搭,牛奶香滑濃郁加埋蜂蜜,完全係唔會覺得好甜,推介值得一試.❥ ❥ ❥玫瑰鮮奶咖啡☕️ $42咖啡的甘苦☕️玫瑰花的香氣🌹鮮奶嘅香滑🥛層次感好豐富💓愛上Rose latte 繼續閱讀
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